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About This Portal

Why was this site built:

  • This site was built in an attempt to provide very basic monitoring of critical service for DoD users and DoD IT service consumers.
  • The site is intended to provide a critical stop gap capability until a new fully developed capability can be delivered by DISA or other DoD components.

Who built the site:

  • The site was built by a small group of government (mil/civ) resources spread across the DoD community.

Is the site done:

  • Of course not! No IT project is ever “done”. Time is limited on development and deployment efforts as this site is not an official program. The site owners are always looking for support from gov resources who want to contribute.
  • If you have a DoD URL you would like to have basic monitoring on, we can help. A contact page is in the works for future submission.

What technology is the site running:

  • The site has multiple components. The core infrastructure is backed by kubernetes services, the web page is hosted on a WordPress infrastructure and the monitors are running gatus and statping-ng.
  • The monitors are api based. They can be queried via the provided webpages or via the api. Please contact us to gain access to the api (coming soon).

Who can use the site:

  • Anyone. The data presented by the site is raw publicly accessible data. Anyone who wants to consume the data is welcome to.
  • Disclaimer: The site could disappear at any time. It has no official sponsor or budget line. This site is built using proof of concept labs.
  • If you don’t like the site; you don’t have to use it ?

What this site is not:

  • Powerpoint? No Powerpoint here. All services are provided using live data.
  • This site is NOT part of the DISA enterprise service monitoring initiative. DISA-OE is leading the automation and monitoring efforts for DISA. Please reach out to DISA directly with questions regarding their monitoring capability…